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At Environmental Health Center of Martha’s Vineyard, we pride ourselves on creating a truly unique patient experience. We are able to handle the sickest and most sensitive patients. By seeing the patient daily, Dr. Nagy can make demonstrative progress in your first week or two. Not only do we offer a multitude of treatments, but also we have the patient breathe in the Island’s ocean air every day. This facilitates the healing process – dramatically!

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A New Approach

Time after time, we are told by our patients with Environmental Illness that they have been labeled by their doctors and families as crazy or delusional. By approaching each patient as an individual, we focus on getting to the underlying cause of the problem. We realize that Environmental Illness is a complex issue, which is why we take the time to get to know each patient on a personal as well as a professional level.

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Lisa Nagy MD FAAEM

  • Boarded in Emergency Medicine and Environmental Medicine

  • Vice Chairman of the Integrative Medicine Consortium

  • Member and Director of Communications : The American Academy of Environmental Medicine

  • President of the educational Non profit  Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance (PEHA)

  • Member of NIH roundtable on Building and Health, CDC National Conversation on Chemicals and Health

  • Available for ‘unpaid’ speaking engagements at Universities, and Medical Conferences, Congress.


Thank you for everything.  I haven’t felt like I do now in years.  You have changed my life.

My tilt is positive for vagal syncope. Thanks to you in am hanging in there. I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t help me.

I didn’t even know how depressed and fatigued I was until I was treated by you and felt remarkably better – thanks to my wife for referring me as I feel tremendously better now.

I came anxious and addicted to cigarettes and alcohol- fixed my adrenal, thyroid and dysautonomia and am a new man!

thank you , Dr. Nagy—it was the best intake exam I’ve ever had. No one else paid as much attention to BP, lungs, and visual . Dr. S. called, and will look at dot on chest—-thank you. Thank you for your excellent care. Sincerely

I now realize that my whole family became sick from mold 15 years ago and again more recently. I have ALS symptoms, my kids are addicted and impaired and now I have hope that by avoiding exposures, leaving the toxic situation and doing treatments to heal the damage I will not die and they will improve as well! Thank you.

Treatment of adrenal insufficiency is the key to my recovery. I have been Chemically Sensitive for 30 years and now I can function so much better on Cortef – thank you for such an impressive and expeditious work up.

It took me a year to believe what you said about avoiding chemicals and not repeating foods but every four days but now that I am better a year later I can see you were totally correct! My anaphylaxis is gone and asthma too!

Fixing the hormones was easy and accomplished in a week and I felt dramatically better without waiting for lengthy treatments to kick in over years. Testosterone helped me to be so much less Chemically Sensitive – you were right.

POTS or postural tachycardia was causing me to lie down after meals and to study and I needed stimulants to survive. Midodrine and Florinef stopped the symptoms and allowed me to return to school instead of being disabled. Now for the task of detoxification to fix my nervous system – I am ready and willing, thank you.

The safe housing and supply of clean clothing on the first visit really helped me to get better within the first week – thank you for all your time and dedicated attention.

I had been treated by all the Environmental doctors but your approach is quick and effective and safe. Being on the island with the access to clean air on the beach was so helpful I cannot describe.

Everything you said has come true even though I didn’t believe I was Environmentally ill from mold – thanx for giving me the tools to get well even though I behaved so badly at the outset. I am so much better now and really hopeful for the future.

Dr. Lisa Nagy is the person that saved my life and kept me from becoming diabetic, despite me being obese and having a family history of diabetes in both my 5 years older brother and my father. She helped me treat my IBS, depression and many other problems I was having. Also, she has helped my wife Lisa treat her environmental illness when we had no place else to turn, and made amazing improvements in what was a rapidly deteriorating situation for Lisa. It’s not an understatement to say our lives are better now than they were before we met Dr. Nagy.


Continue the good works in Environmental Medicine

William Rea M.D.

I am handing you the torch- you are the example of what can happen – how good one can become if treated with Environmental Medicine techniques.

Doris Rapp M.D.

You are making such a magnificent contribution to the world of Environmental Medicine. You are amazing – you have the courage and the capacity to work with such difficult patients. And you do it, seemingly, tirelessly. You are also such an extraordinary advocate for chronically ill patients who are struggling with “environmental toxicities” – and in order to make people “more aware” you dare go places and do things that most of us don’t begin to have the guts to do. So the world is truly a better place because of your presence in it, Thank you! So here’s to another magnificent year for you!!

Harvard Clinician

We are honored to have you represent the sufferers and survivors of Chemical Sensitivity and agree the Environmental Medicine shows promise for treating many chronic diseases – thank you for coming to our institution with Drs. William Meggs and Magda Havas in 2016.

Linda Birnbaum, Director of NIEHS

We obtained 100 million in funding for research on toxic exposure since you presented in 2015 at the Congressional Veterans Health subcommittee closed door meeting. Good to work with you.

Wesley Ashford M.D., Veterans Research Funding Coordinator

Whitehouse Chronicles Interview August 2017

Saving Heath Care billions, Getting to the cause of the Opiate addiction crisis
Mold, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Environmental Medicine