What you need to know about environmental science
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Lisa Nagy
Lisa's Flyer
Dec 01, 2007



Common  Patient Complaints Characteristic Of  Environmental Illness – both early and severe.

 No  patients will have all symptoms.—

If they are still ‘masked’ they might be wearing too much  perfume and fabric softener, and unaware that they are developing  sensitivity at all yet   Patients may have many or few of these: 

Waking up with sore throat from too many VOC’s in bedroom. Morning headaches (mold in bedroom).  Feels better when sleeps with the window open, Asthma, shortness of breath in stores

Clothing tags are extremely irritating to the skin and must be cut out.   

Increased sensitivity to smells  chemicals, sounds,  spaciness, cannot read.

 Muscle weakness (cannot wash hair), neurologic problems, difficulty standing with legs apart and talking without leaning or crossing legs (mild dysautonomia is in 85% of patients). Feel like lying down in stores (VOC induced dysautonomia). 

Difficulty reading and remembering what is read.*Blurry vision while driving at night.  ‘Second wind’ late at night?  Hypo-manic, OCD, ADD, Depression (mold), extreme tearfulness (low cortisol), anxiety (low DHEA), lower  I.Q. Hormone (adrenal, thyroid, testosterone, HGH) deficiency syndromes.

Bras are too tight, Bp cuff hurts to blow up, rolling up  shirt sleeves is painful (tissue ischemia).

 Allergies increasing to cats, down, latex gloves, newspapers and mail – red itchy hands and headaches.

 Early hangovers (poor methanol metabolism), intolerance to alcohol. Alcoholism (low cortisol).

Belligerence (men) from low growth hormone and testosterone. Heat intolerance, post exertional exhaustion. Too cold in the grocery store, arrythmias, seizures, asthma, irritable bowel. . . .

 Inability to get up in the morning, weight loss,  motion sickness, new fear of heights, bridges (adrenal).

  Cannot tolerate airplanes, Jet fuel, magazines on plane. Fall asleep at wheel due to diesel.

Cell phones heat up in your hand, computers, phones, refrigerators, florescent lights are annoying or give fatigue, headache, anxiety. The cordless phone triggers the autonomic nervous system to make you want to urinate.


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