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Thoughts for directions to take in 2008/2009

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The Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance  will bring together people and organizations who have similar interests in environmental causes of disease whether it be cancer, EI or psychiatric problems and then lobby for out interests on Capital Hill.

In March, support the Summit in New Orleans for government officials and the presidential candidates  on the health concerns of   Katrina victims and others suffering from moldy homes and formaldehyde filled trailers.  Read more . . .

Motivate congress to move forward after the GAO (Government Accountability Office)  report on the Health Effects of Indoor Mold reports to treat patients affected by hurricanes, floods, and toxic homes around the country.  Request insurance reimbursement for provocation and neutralization, IV nutritional therapy and hormone testing and replacement in patients who need it. Explaining that environmental treatment is more cost effective in the long run than chronic medication and hospitalization.

Interest the Institute of Medicine (called the IOM) in having a roundtable discussion on environmental Health where practitioners and researchers in the field of Environmental Medicine would be encouraged and welcome to present their ideas and data.

Begin some sort of media campaign to educate the masses about the field of EM and its potential for helping to find the cause of many diseases instead of masking them with medications .

Encourage the CDC to recognize Chemical Sensitivity as a condition not only as a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Request a research budget be developed for all environmentally induced conditions.

Clarify and modify the position of the AMA on the nonexistence of the conditions grouped under the heading of EI.

Request that ways to develop teaching in medical school of the basic principals of taking an environmental history and referring to physicians who specialize in EM.

Write a brief teaching syllabus and perhaps design a video course for the purpose of educating students and doctors across the country.

Develop CME courses or Audio Digest tapes for traditional doctors to pick up tips and pearls in recognizing EI in their patients.

Educate doctors by having our AAEM members attend meetings and give Grand Rounds at major institutions around the country.
Encourage Teresa Heinz to have environmental physicians, related  researchers, and lecturers for the next symposium in Boston on Women’s Health and the Environment in October of 2008.

Pitch more TV shows on EI to Discovery Channel, CNN, House, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Lou Dobbs, the view and others that seem sympathetic to this way of thinking about the cause of disease.

Develop relationships with people like Michael J Fox, and others who are promoting environmentally related research into specific diseases but know not of our approach to actually helping the patient in the here and now.

Obviously raise money from concerned groups and individuals.

Encourage backing from large food chains like Whole Foods Market, Organic Growers, Healthy Home builders and companies making non- toxic cleaning products for the home as well as make up, toys and other consumer goods.

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