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Press Release Chronic Fatigue meeting

PR Committee AAEM
Dec 10, 2007

  • Dr. Nagy attended the Chronic Fatigue Conference in January 2007 in an effort to educate the patients and physicians, of which there were 800, about the relationship of chroinc fatigue to chemical sensitivity.  
  • Dr. Nagy gave a patient lecture on mold exposure and other environmental exposures leading to chronic fatigue which was well recieved. 
  • She also gave an early morning talk for  which many 'fatigued' patients actually got up to hear her story of successful treatment at the hands of Bill Rea M.D. in Dallas at the Environmental Health Center of Dallas.
  • She realizes that the chronic fatigue physicians do not realize that these patients could be teased apart as to their environmental exposures (including viruses), nutritional and hormonal insufficiencies, and genetic predispositions towards inadequate detoxification of toxins. 
  •  The doctor meeting focused on research and less on clinical management of patients.  The patient group for the first few days and and was more interested in
    • What works to treat patients
    • The need for more focus on environmental influences leading to chronic fatigue.
    • Political action to gain acceptance of controversial therapies.
  • Dr. Nagy met all the board members from the IACFS group and many CFIDS members as well as officials from the CDC, and NIH.
  • Many of the patients have kept in touch with her since her trip and are learning what they can about environmental medicine as well.


PRESS RELEASE -  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           

Contact:  Lisa Nagy, MD,                                                                       

508-693-3048, lisa@nagy1.com


Ft. Lauderdale, FL January 7, 2007 – Lisa Nagy, MD, an ER physician who has recently recovered from severe Environmental Illness (EI) has been awarded the Sand Castles Scholarship to attend  the 8th International IACFS Conference on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other Related Illnesses, which will be held on January 10-14, 2007 at the Bahia Mar Beach Resort in Ft. Lauderdale.  The International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(IACFS) has organized an comprehensive conference that includes programming for both patients and physicians, and Dr. Nagy will speak to patients on the subject “The Central Role of Environmental Treatment in Chronic Fatigue: A Physician’s Story of Mold Toxicity” at 1:30 pm, January 11, 2007.   It is Dr. Nagy’s conviction that chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia as well as other neurological and immunological problems are all variants of ‘Environmental Illnesses’.  They can include viral, rickettsial, and fungal as well as chemical etiologies.  Every person is different.  There is not one unifying cause.  Her own illness, until properly diagnosed and treated, mimicked Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

Dr. Nagy is shocked that doctors are not taught about EI in medical school and has committed her time now to bringing awareness of this condition to the public, medical community and governmental agencies. She says , “ I will return to practicing medicine when ‘Environmental Medicine’ is a household name.  In addition to speaking at conferences, she serves as Public Relations Chairman for AAEM, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, helps others with environmental  health problems from her home in Martha’s Vineyard, MA., and offers a website, www.environmentalmedicineinfo.com for doctors and patients, which includes guidelines on  “How to Take an Environmental History”.

  She works with AAEM because she thinks it is critical that people find a qualified physician who has been trained  and credentialed in recognizing and treating EI.  There are a wide range of  symptom patterns that patients with EI can present with: Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chemical Sensitivity, “Katrina’ and ‘911 worker’ related illnesses from mold, toxic dust and petroleum product exposures in air, food and water. The most common presentation, however, is among 'normal' women in their 40's who have seen a decline in their protective hormones and an increase in their sensitivities.  Suddenly becoming allergic to the cat, or developing Attention Deficit, or becoming depressed can be a result of declining neurotransmitters, hormones, vitamins, fatty acids, and immune function in the face of an ever increasing environmental load.  When the load is too great the person's health starts to decline in a way specific to that person's genetic susceptibilities. 

     According to Dr. Nagy, there are millions of women and children in the country who have allergies, ADD, anxiety, autoimmunity, and  autonomic nervous system instability from environmental exposure to something as  common as a moldy basement, new carpeting, or new kitchen cabinets which are  high in  formaldehyde.  Dr. Nagy points out that anyone who has developed a dislike for perfume, diesel exhaust, the detergent aisle of the grocery store and whose cell phone heats up in their hands may be exhibiting early signs of EI and she feels strongly “We must get these people referred to the appropriate AAEM physician. The lay public should have the same opportunity to get well that I have had".

Contact AAEM for physician referral at their website www.aaem.com or at their office in Wichita, Kansas (316-684-5500) and Dr. Nagy at lisa@nagy1.com

Lisa Nagy M. D.
Tel: 508 693 1300
email: VPM@nagy1.com

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Lisa Nagy M. D.
Tel: 508 693 1300
email: VPM@nagy1.com

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