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Welcome to Vineyard Personalized Medicine


Now located in Vineyard Haven this medical practice combines the best of traditional medicine with a more comprehensive and individualized medicine - which we now call Environmental Medicine.  It is a bit of a misnomer in that the field of Environmental Medicine considers everything - not just environmental exposure - in working up your condition. 

The focus of healthcare should be on arresting your condition before it is too late to go back to being well.  In order to stop the progression of disease we at VPM will try to get the causes of your medical and psychological problems.

We try to cover all bases and look into many aspects of your health:

1.       We take a thorough environmental history trying to determine what happened in your life before you became ill and try to make connections between environmental exposures at home and work which may be affecting your health.

2.       After the history and symptom checklists we decide if your hormones are part of the problem and look into Adrenal, thyroid, sex hormones  to see if replacing those (if low) will bring quick resolution to some troubling symptoms.

3.       Then we investigate whatever seems most important to the patient.  We attempt to help the patient feel better as fast as possible initially to help to motivate them to do difficult task like changing their diet or quitting cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol.

4.        This can include looking into nutritional deficiencies and food allergies.

5.       Then we assess the possibility of infectious diseases including Lyme disease as well as viral infections.

6.       We also, investigate specific toxic exposures by measuring levels of chemicals, mold toxins (Trichothecenes, Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin), pesticides, metals, in the body as well as the air or clothing from home.

7.       We investigate the function of the stomach, intestine and digestion process and promote good breakdown of food to enhance nutrition and thus neurotransmitter status and mood.

8.       We will soon offer skin allergy testing called Neutralization and Provocation – for foods, molds, pollens, danders, as well as neurotransmitters and other substances that people’s immune systems over react to.

9.       We will then recommend a treatment regimen that will facilitate strengthening and repair and then tolerable detoxification of any environmental toxins in your body.

10.   So far we can accept Mass Health and will strive to be able to accept Medicare and other insurance plans in the future.

11. You will be on your way to figuring out why you are not feeling well and doing something about it - congratulations for taking  the reins - you are in charge of your health and I  am just helping to guide  you in your journey.

Sincerely, Lisa Nagy  M. D.

34 Averill Lane

Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

508 696 6998


Your donations help:

Lisa Nagy M. D.
Tel: 508 693 1300
email: VPM@nagy1.com

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