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Introduction to VPM




"A new practice with a new approach"

with Lisa Lavine Nagy, M. D. 

Determining and treating the causes of medical and psychological problems.


Dr. Nagy combines traditional medicine with the benefits

of Environmental and Integrative techniques and therapies

a complement to your current medical care.


Dr. Nagy's qualifications include:

President of The Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance Inc a 501 (c3)

 Graduated from Cornell Medical College

Trained in Emergency Medicine

   Trained in Environmental Medicine by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Trained with Bill Rea (Environmental), Sam Donta (Lyme), and numerous physicians nationwide

Delegate to Massachusetts Medical Society

2009 Appointed to the CDC’s National Conversation on Chemicals and Public Health

2010 Appointed to the NIH roundtable on Building and Health 

Lectures nationally on mental and environmental health, has appeared on ‘Nightline’ and in several medical publications


 Tests and Treatment  offered:

(often covered by insurance)
 Hormone testing and management (adrenal, thyroid, sex hormones and more)

 Measuring neurotransmitters in urine --linked to mood problems, ADD, depression and insomnia)

Heavy Metal Assessment - ( iv and oral chelation for elevated heavy metals and for cardiovascular disease)

Allergy testing • Genetic assessment • Gastrointestinal panel

Igene X Lyme testing
Dental Assessment with Oral Potential meter and dental referral, as well as assistance with amalgam removal protocol

 Urine mycotoxin testing
 Mold petri dishes to test the home

Venous Blood Gas sampling and subsequent oxygen therapy (2 hours a day), for those in need for fatigue and tissue hypoxia

Guided detoxification program with sauna at local facilities

Individualized research of the world literature on your condition

Referrals to experts who can assist you


Both simple problems and complex dilemmas approachedin a logical and scientific fashion

House calls and initial home evaluations, phone appointments, thorough office visits.

Mass Health accepted, Medicare and others pending,

You may submit these visits to PPO insurance and a portion may be covered since we are providing a service not otherwise provided on Martha's Vineyard and the surrounding area. 


Your donations help:

Lisa Nagy M. D.
Tel: 508 693 1300
email: VPM@nagy1.com

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