What you need to know about environmental science
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Lisa Nagy M. D.
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Dec 09, 2007

What is Environmental Treatment?

First and most important is clean Air (filtered), Food (organic), and Water (glass bottled).

Identify the initial causative agent(s) that made you sick.  Often moldy basement, office, golf course with pesticides, ,paint fumes, ‘Gulf War’, 911 workers

Avoidance of that which is  making you sick and most other chemicals until you can again tolerate them and stay well (in a few years). Leave moldy house.

Oral (Fish Oil, Co Q 10 400 mg) and IV supplements like Vitamin C, B complex, Magnesium, Glutathione, Taurine, Amino Acids, phosphotidyl choline, glass bottles – to assist in breaking down toxins efficiently, strengthen the adrenal and immune system.  Discover all metabolic and nutritional deficiencies. 4 Day Rotational Diet.

Neutralization and Provocation Allergy Testing (150.00/day) to grasses, trees, molds, foods, viruses, supplements, and chemicals, even your own stool and blood (‘Autovac’).

Treating with Oxygen if the Venous O2 so indicates (greater than 30) for 2 ½ weeks or longer, 2 hours a day, 5 liters, with ‘set up’ from Dallas (ceramic mask, tygon tubing, humidification bottle, and rebreathing frame. Dramatically helps ANS!

Sauna, massage,  other detox methods - coffee enemas.  Do not start sauna without EM guidance you may ‘CRASH’ when you release all the  stored toxins from your fat. Goal 20 min of sweating /day. 

Determine Genetic inadequacies and treat to counter act deficiencies in detoxification or immunity.

‘ALF’, Autogenous Lymphocute factor, which assists in boosting the immune system and is AMAZING (only available in Dallas, personally recommended  for anyone at an impass).  (Keeps me alive.)

Hormone studies and replacement of all that are low,  Thyroid replaced clinically even if numbers are ‘normal’(as long as cortisol is good first).  If indicated,  cortisol early to motivate patient, 5mg qid

Study urinary neurotransmitters and replace deficiencies with amino acids and wean off psychiatric drugs as hormones and neurotransmitters ‘normalize’.

Chelation of heavy metals oral or IV, with mineral replacement. Remove ‘high voltage’ dental work early in Rx.  and amalgams at IAOMT dentist.  Test new composite/porcelain for allegenicty.  Energy treatments, Cranio Sacral, massage, acupuncture

 All that works and doesn’t harm the patient. ‘Midodrine for  POTS’. *Take Trisalts, 2,000 buffered C, and Oxygen,Epsom Salts bath when ill. 

Lisa Nagy M. D.

Medical Director


 Vineyard Personalized Medicine

and President of

 The Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance Inc, 501 c3

Tel: 508 693 1300 Fax 508 693 1305

Chronic mental and physical problems addressed scientifically and logically - trying to use less medication. Focusing on  the interplay between hormones, nutrition, allergy and environmental exposure

By Appointment Only, Mass Health, Medicare and United Health Care  Accepted

Other insurance will reimburse after visit accept HMO's and Harvard Pilgrim

Email: VPM@nagy1.com

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Lisa Nagy M. D.
Tel: 508 693 1300
email: VPM@nagy1.com

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