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Lisa Nagy M.D.
Feb 06, 2008

Brief Screening History-- Questions to Ask Your Patient

When did you last feel well?

What changes in your life occurred before

that time?  *Known chemical, mold, radiation, pesticide

exposure. ?  What do you think has precipitated your condition?

Examples: Did you renovate your home, get new kitchen cabinets, carpeting, spray pesticides?  Have you changed jobs or had less ventilation at work or a new copier or computer installed. Are others sick – even if the symptoms are different?

*Are you sensitive to perfume, diesel exhaust or the

detergent isle of the grocery store*. Do other chemicals, newspapers, the mail bother you? Sleepy, headaches?

Do you feel better outside in fresh air?  Do you fall asleep or get a headache  in traffic,  feel exhausted in stores, tire centers, or moldy buildings? Are you better on the weekends and worse on return to work.  Do you have a moldy basement or does the house smell musty when you first come home?

Have you been avoiding dealing with a water leak?  Do you have a crawlspace?  Are you worse in the Winter when inside more and the windows are closed?  Feel bad on rainy days.

 Do you pretzel your legs after eating?  Dizzy on standing from bending over recently?  Insomnia.

What part of the year gives you the most trouble?  Do you have symptoms in many different areas?

Do people think you are a hypochondriac.  Does your husband think your are wacky?

Have you not been helped by many other physicians?  Can you tell you have a physiologic  not a mental problem? Do others think you have mental difficulties and that you tolerate stress very poorly? Do you have short term memory loss?  Do feel you are definitely ill but no one can figure out why?   Are you intolerant of electrical appliances, fluorescent lights.  Does the cell phone heat up in your hand or give you a headache.  Do you use Tide, Downey or Bounce?  Lawn treatments?

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