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Long Winded Summary I wrote as I started to get well

Lisa Nagy M.D.
Jan 01, 2005


  For a physician Referral call AAEM at 316 684 5500, AAEM.com


January 17, 2005

This is a personal opinion and summary of info for people who may have Chemical Sensitivity to get them going. This actually affects everyone to some extent not only the incapacitated.  We just believe the incredible bummer that it is and want to help the rest of you who feel fine! We are the canaries in the coal mine as it were.  The condition is characterized by the body’s (and thereby the mind’s) overreaction to everyday smells and chemicals often brought on by one big exposure (pesticide, new carpeting, mold, petroleum products) which snowballs into a full blown horrifying syndrome. At it’s height the disease may prevent one from touching the mail, even reading newspapers, books or magazines indoors – or even outdoors when you are really overloaded! From chlorine, ink and other chemicals the hands may burn, itch or turn red; and headaches may come on many times a day when these materials or others are encountered.  This is why we zonk out while reading – and now I don’t do it any more – after 40 years of it!  Isn’t that fascinating to figure out! I must say medical school was tuff not being able to stay awake while reading!  Fatigue while shopping in stores is present in all of us.  The cells can’t ‘breathe’ because they get clogged with crap from the surrounding air!  The brain wants a nap, the muscles want us to lie down, the immune system begs us to get away from all of these nasty antigens.  Don’t we all get this feeling to some extent in a mall – filled with offgased chemicals from clothes and products with little outdoor air circulation?  Indoor air quality is reported to be 5 times bigger a problem than outdoor air.  It is due to all these VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

  Firstly, CS or MCS is a common condition.  Most ‘normal people’ have started to develop some chemical intolerances by the age of 40.  It is then that the toxins build up and our hormones have started to decline and reveal intolerances to: air fresheners, foods, animals, latex, perfume, diesel for example.  I wanted to throw up near a can of Lysol but had no idea that was my big clue -- for years!   Even the Merck Manual acknowledges that 40% of chronic fatigue, and 15% of fibromyalgia patients have MCS as well.  The numbers may be underestimating the closer to 100% environmental etiology of these conditions which all of the sudden are prevalent and were unheard of before!   There is proven damage to the microcirculation that occurs in fibromyalgia and MCS implying that they are ‘two peas in a pod’. If wasn’t a real condition then they wouldn’t have given an ICD-9 code for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity—which is 995.2. It is recognized by Social Security as a disability and it has been  recognized and treatable  for over 45 years!  It is of paramount importance that the average Joe physician know what it is and referred to the appropriate specialist instead of making fun of their patients and pushing them towards suicide because of their own idiocy!

         Some people have genetically inferior ability to detoxify chemicals and that is why some people from childhood are sensitive to soaps , sleepy inside the mall (where the chemicals like formaldehyde from new clothing and cardboard boxes etc fill the air with ‘bad stuff’).  This can be measured on the Detox Genomics Profile at Great Smokies Lab.  Finally   Gulf War syndrome was linked to chemical exposures (pesticides, pyridostigmine, fuels) in a report in October of 2004.  The government denied that 200,000 people complaining of being ill had MCS until now when they have resolved to ‘find a treatment within 5 years’.  They insisted that the veteran’s were merely psychologically impaired for years!  It is amazing how healthy people will disbelieve the ill when it is too much work to

 stretch the imagination for the latter’s benefit!

 Because the first place fat soluble chemicals (like pesticides) hit is the lipid based      brain, the symptoms are most often neurologic or apparently psychiatric. Daily headaches, depression or mania, symptoms of ADD, memory impairment, seizures, neuropathy are often the first noticeable ‘disease’ picked up on.  Acute exposures can make the person angry, tearful, ‘nuts’ or somnolent. Try painting a small room and then sleeping in it and see how cheerful you feel!

 16% of those (2,000) polled in California and Arizona felt ‘overly sensitive’ to chemicals.  10% were told by a doctor that they were Chemically Sensitive. In fact most environmental doctors think 40% to 50% of the population is somewhat environmentally ill.  Yet most doctors, like myself, have never heard of this problem.  If they have heard of it, it makes them angry to discuss it, and they would choose not to acknowledge it. And the physicians I saw, doubted the more severe symptoms such as muscle weakness, autonomic, and adrenal failure because I presented with too many symptoms at once to make medical sense in the traditional way.  Therefore they must be symptoms of a psychological disorder, presumably.  Being a doctor I can vouch for the fact that we think we know everything already and unless it pays a lot of money we don’t want to do a lot of extra work to expand our mind.  Doctors  like the comfort of buddying up with their pals and calling other people crazy when the patient’s case doesn’t make sense.  Just think how many times a day nurses and doctors label their patients this way.  It is more likely that the staff doesn’t have the tools to make the correct diagnosis and it reassures them that the world as they know it is harmless and won’t change for the worse during their lifetime. Why would we expect that every doctor know the field of Environmental Medicine? However, it is their responsibility to refer to the appropriate physician when a patient who is chemically intolerant walks in the office!

 If you do not like the smell of perfume, the detergent isle, diesel exhaust or cleaning sprays and molds --  this is the beginning of it. Are you allergic to lots of things?  Is your face red when exposed to chlorine and other chemicals? You may become hungover within an hour of drinking! (I found out that cortisol gets rid of a hang over right away!)  Daily exposures have become too much for the body to deal with.  One may become ‘allergic’ to everything.  You may not even have typical allergic symptoms near your pets, horse, barn, or moldy car or house. You may just feel sleepy or exhausted, stupid, irritable, or get headaches or chest discomfort to everything!  Or your face (and in children ears) may turn red when exposed to an offensive substance. Tags in your clothing may become intolerably irritating!  You may have muscle weakness, difficulty standing or staying awake especially after meals.  After eating, fatigue, fast heartbeat or chilliness is a result of a neurologic problem called dysautonomia which causes venous pooling in the legs and abdomen and occurs in 85% of patients. We often ‘pretzel our legs’ (wrap them around each other) to keep the blood out of the legs and going to the head.   It makes it hard to stand still for a while without moving.  This can occur especially in lines at stores that have a high toxic load like Home Depot or Sams. Or you may not tolerate the heat well, get headaches, muscle weakness or feel ‘out of it’ (called brain fog) on exposure to scents, molds, cell phones, portable phones and computers.  I recommend treating this with Midodrine (2.5 to 10 mg 3 times a day – watching for supine hypertension) to make the patient functional until he or she is totally well (it raises blood pressure by being an alpha agonist).  Otherwise the person is so fatigued they cannot even walk around or get up!  I found it works very well for the effects of electrical sensitivity especially!

Unbelievably, 5 - 10% of people with chemical Sensitivity get electrical sensitivity.  Notice whether you have to urinate, or get a chill when you use the cordless phone.  Does the cell phone heat up in your hand or give you a headache?  I never would have believed that appliances could make me have muscle weakness or chest pain until I had one side of my body go limp when I walk next to a centrifuge while going to have my blood drawn.  I guess I have it!  Things that spin around (can openers are the worst      source of EMF!) have strong electromagnetic fields.  The bedroom should have very little in the way electric appliances because we spend so much time there.  Also the bedroom should have clean air (air filter Aireox), no plastics which offgas pthalates, no newspapers, magazines or books (inks, chlorine and other chemicals), no particle board (formaldehyde), dirty clothes (for example the pesticides from the golf course will be on your shoes and pants etc.).  It is best to have a hard floor – not carpeting.  This will allow the body to relax all night instead of detoxifying the chemicals in the bedroom.  If you awaken with headaches this can be do to mold in the walls, formaldehyde in particle board cabinets (as well as hypothyroidism) for example.  Often, a coated tongue in the morning or AM sore throat will be an indicator that you cannot metabolize the things in your bedroom.

What you drink is important and the best thing is glass bottled water such as Mountain Valley Spring.   Artificial flavors and sweeteners, preservatives, and processed foods should be avoided. Soft plastic containers and bags contain pthalates and are worse than harder types. Once you get better the need for caffeine, nicotine and chocolate will dissipate as these help to treat the complications of toxic overload such as dysautonomia, muscle weakness, and fatigue.  For example, caffeine enhances muscular contraction via intracellular calcium release.  As the muscles get better delivery of Oxygen and nutrients they can function without being whipped into shapes by stimulants.  Many patients have been placed on Wellbutrin or adderall which help with the inattention and inability to focus (ADD) or Ativan or valium which mask the anxiety that develop on exposure to everyday fumes and smells.  Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the problem instead of masking it with psychotropic drugs?  In addition our hormones (Dhea, pregnenolone, testosterone, estrogen, thyroxine, melatonin, and progesterone, as well as the obvious one – growth hormone) going down in our 30’s and 40’s play a big role in the development of the CS because we are less able to ‘mask’ the symptoms and detoxify without them.  Once the adrenals have been over stressed by toxic exposure the decrease in production of cortisol (the stress hormone) and Dhea (the muscle and tissue building hormone that counter balances the later) leave us unable to cope with any stress.  This includes physical, emotional as well as toxic stress.  Even hot or cold weather or light and electrical fields can pose problems.  Anxiety appropriately arises on exposure to stressful stimuli.  The treatment is not the bandaid of an anxiety pill but to remove the stressors and fix the system – not numb the brain to its warning that the body can’t take it.

This is a condition which arises from the exposure to chemicals ( even from molds – especially here on the Vineyard) which, when combined with an individual’s genetic predisposition, leads to the over or under active immune response to those and subsequently other chemicals and substances like foods, molds, pollens.   If you don’t tolerate perfume or cigarette smoke, or get a headache when you eat moldy foods such as cheese, wine, nuts, chocolat you are somewhat chemically sensitive.  Men get this less often because Testosterone is somewhat protective.  This explains why they can’t smell the moldy washcloth when we do at age 35 – and why they insist they ‘don’t smell the gas leak when women around them do!

   Foreign chemicals are called xenobiotics. Metals, benzene, formaldehyde and pesticides, mycotoxins (mold toxins) are some of the common offenders. Initially the   body jazzes up its enzymatic response to deal with the challenge – a process called adaptation.  During this period one won’t notice a problem.  It is why we get used to the smell of cigarettes or numb to the smell of our own perfume.  Then if the body’s daily ‘Total Load’ is exceeded then the detoxification pathways of the body become overwhelmed and the phenomenon of spreading can occur.  This means that the original enzyme pathways used to break down that chemical have been overloaded, then other enzyme pathways are used up next and the usual daily chemicals going through these pathways now start to become backed up. Now, other chemicals which did not before trigger a response will make the person sick and trigger an abnormal response.  Often times these responses are cerebral in nature – leading to spaceyness, confusion, memory deficits, inability to concentrate, headaches.  Pesticides often lead to loss of balance and inability to stand on ones toes or walk a straight line with eyes closed.  Different symptoms may occur in other members of the family or in coworkers at the job depending on their individual make up and nutritional status.  This means that the same ‘poisoning’ may present with a different clinical picture in each person.  Arthralgias, mood swings, nausea, skin rashes, panic, muscle weakness and general fatigue, dysautonomia are all common reactions.  The xenobiotics induce a vasculitis which leads to a lack of Oxygen getting to the tissues, it leads to impairment of blood flow to the brain as documented by SPECT Scanning.  We meaure the PO2 in the anticubital vein without a tourniquet.  If it is greater than 27 (normal is 20 to 25) then it is indicating shunting of blood from the arterial system to the venous without letting enough oxygen off in the tissues. Very high is in the 40’ and 50’s the highest recorded by Dr. Rea is 70. This is demonstrated in my case by severe anoxic damage to the muscle’s mitochondria on Electron Microscopy, which explains blue arms and muscle death in a patient with a VO2 of 85! -- even many hours after exercising.  By this time it should come to normal in a healthy individual. 

Treatment has to do with avoidance of the offending agents and chemicals (use Seventh generation laundry soap, absolutely no fabric softener or bounce (it has formaldehyde and many other chemicals which flake off the clothes all day long), avoiding perfume and scented shampoos and conditioners) Healthy Additions has these, (if necessary move to a place with clean air), allergy shots, Sauna (may purchase from heavenly heat sauna 845 679 2490) for a result of 20 minutes a day of sweating,  organic diet where foods are rotated every four days to lesson the burden on the immune system, supplements like Vitamin C ( 4,000 – 10,000) and Glutathione (500 mg 1-3/day) and NAC (600  mg 1-4/day), B complex ( 100 mg  1-3 x a day), Co Q 10 (400 mg) (all IV if very ill), Oxygen to get rid of the vasculitis and repair the endothelium. A clean bedroom with a hardwood or tile floor and ‘nothing’ in it (but a cotton futon that has offgassed all of its pesticide) is the priority. No dirty clothes, magazines, electric blankets, cordless phones, or upholstered furniture (which has huge amounts of formaldehyde apparently)! Creat a sanctuary for the body to rest in and you will feel much better.  Even for a ‘normal’ person.  Air filtration and clean water are next important.  Once you are a little less exposed you will be able to sense when something is making you feel sick! When we walk around in a ‘cloud’ of  Tide  we can’t sense anything  Wearing a charcoal mask may be necessary to go into stores where products offgas formaldehyde etc. For some; pumping gas, driving on the highway, standing near diesel vehicles, walking into Kinko’s, walking near perfume, cigarettes or other people’s detergent filled clothes or   conditioned hair are absolute no-no’s.  This is why the very sick cannot go out in society and no one hears their story.  They are too reactive to normal people and the chemicals on them so once they get it they can’t explain their plight to the public!

           The video to buy for 22.00 from Alison Johnson 207 725 8570 on MCS **** for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Doris Rapp (pediatrician and allergist age 75+) has amazing tapes (essential is Environmentally Sick Schools ***  which describes the illness and the reactions of children and adults to molds and chemicals).  Her book Our Toxic World ***is excellent. Order all thru office at 800 7878780.  One can see how psychiatric illness is mistakenly diagnosed in people reacting with tears, hysterics, violence to their surroundings or foods like wheat, corn, and egg – and how it goes away when the smaller antidote dose is given of the allergy shot to the patient within a couple minutes!  Instatapes.com has all of the conferences on environmental medicine for the scientifically minded at 99.00 a set.  Ask for the AAEM instructional courses which are not on the website (the latest one was April 2005)!  Their was a movie made in 1990 called Safe (Amazon    $ 9.00) with Julianne Moore – definitely the only popular movie about having the condition.  The Aviator is great and is about Howard Hughes who was suffering from the condition because of exposure to airplane solvents and fuel as well as having OCD, which is often caused by toxic injury.  Unfortunately they forgot to mention that he had environmental illness in the movie.
            The books to buy are : Sherry Rogers  Chemical Sensitivity $4.00, next is Tired or Toxic  $19.00.  Cheapest on Amazon. Or the Publisher is 800 846 6687. Her  monthly publication Total Wellness  *** is very good and a must buy!  Chemical Sensitivity *** by William Rea is very dense (and an expensive 4 volumes) but Volume 3 is brilliant and very interesting for physicians on the clinical presentation of the syndrome at his clinic and now closed inpatient unit over the last 30 years (and >30,000 patients).  I highly recommend starting with an 11.00 book:  Living with Environmental Illness *** by Edelson – it teaches how to put together a clean bedroom. Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Gail McGormick (which has short tales written by doctors and lay people who have the condition and Bonnye Mathews, Defining MCS.

CIIN (Chemical Injury Information Network) at 406 547 2255 is the  National organization which is national organization run by Cynthia Wilson. They have a very good publication called ‘Toxic Times’ *** for only $15.00 that I would suggest as a ‘must get’. They have a list of all articles and can send all sort of info.

Locally, there is a Dr. Lacava in West Boylston 508 854- 1380, and in Cambridge, Mass at the marino clinic on Thursday. He is trained in Environmental Medicine.  He does allergy testing called provocation and neutralization which is the accurate way to do it.  Preservative free is desired.  He does hormone management for those with CS and without which I highly recommend – especially if you are old and grumpy (a sign of declining growth hormone).  Keep in mind one cannot wear perfume etc. to an environmental clinic for the other patient’s sake as well as the physicians and nurses – most of whom also have the problem of Chemical Intolerence.

If you are very sick and can afford to go and live in Dallas for 2 to 6 weeks Dr. William Rea gets us when we are very ill. His number is 214 368 4132 at the Environmental Health Center of Dallas.  Website: ehcd.com. He is world renowned and the best, and like all the doctors in the field – he got this condition himself – 30 years ago.  You have to there if you want to go on ALF which is made from you own white blood cells and is go there amazingly helpful for some people.  It alone is worth the trip – and I don’t even think they know how this immune product made from your own blood even works!

  There is no longer any inpatient unit in this country but there are in England.  Call and ask Dallas for the packet of info that explains treatment and charges etc. as well as the brochure for the Environmental Health Foundation Store (214 361 9515) in Dallas that sells masks( coconut charcoal, with cotton cover with elastic straps is recommended by me) as well as the Austin Air Junior Plus  Charcoal filled Air filter by Healthmate. Priscilla Farrell also makes masks at half the price 479 936 7550.  Needs.com has the I can breathe mask for lighter exposures ( get 10 little charcoal inserts to start.  There are some great summary articles in the brochure and a bibliography of lots of free articles on line that you can read at their web site aehf.com.  They also have a new edition of Carolyn Gorman’s book Less Toxic Alternatives which lists everything safe and where to get it, how to use it as well as a great summary of CS and how supplements work etc.

Besides Dr. Rea; Dr. Alan Lieberman in South Carolina also has a clinic and a Dr. Kalpana Patel in Buffalo are brilliant but do not provide the ‘safe’ housing that Dallas affords.  There are 500 other Environmental Physicians in the country (check with AAEM). These are the best around and no one else can treat this – so if you are very sick you have to go there and make the effort to get well.  It costs an arm and a leg – but it feels great to be alive and broke!                                                                   Websites:  In general this is a condition about which you have to learn on your own.  As Sherry Rogers (a physician who got this herself) says do not try to convince every physician you meet about the existence of this condition because it is too exhausting and rarely successful.  I can vouch for this!                                          Needs.com  a store which lists everything by unscented, they even have Hair dye (herbatint), shampoo etc.  They have make up, organic tampons, and books etc.  They also have the Air Filter above as well as one with 1/10th  of the EMF (and less noisy) made by Aireox for the bedroom for $299.00. Janice’s .com has organic stuff for CS patients specifically.  Instatapes.com has an amazing set of tapes on the last 20 years of meetings and instructional conferences of AAEM ( American Academy of Environmental Medicine).                                             Informational site at Ehnaca.org. accessnewage.com/articles/health/chemical.htm, AEHF.com has free articles published by Dr. Rea.  www.health.groups.yahoo.com/group/MCS-CI-Exile/ is a support group online.                                                                                                Mold and mycotoxin testing on blood and saliva can be doe at Immunosciences in California 800 950 4686.  Dr. Vodjani is brilliant on Immunity, Gulf War research and mold etc.    Also in order to screen for lethal mold exposure --  Urine can be sent for Trichothecene level requiring a doctor’s order.  A small glass bottle with a few ounces or first morning urine can be sent to Dr. Hooper. At 214 764 1165. 0 is normal , 1-2 is low, 10 to 40 is very high and I would get out of your house.  Gary Ordog is a mold toxicologist well versed in how to ‘detox’ in LA – 661 799 1689.  Trichothecene is the main lethal toxin that we are concerned about in toxic mold exposures – but they also produce regular chemicals like benzene etc.  A trichothecene test for dust at home is easy, important and only available at Pure Air Controls 800 422 7873 ( the more you do the cheaper – you can just vaccuume the dust off of your clothes to know whether to throw them out!) Many patients with CS end up having mold in their home closets etc. and have been slowly poisoned over the years.  This requires throwing away all clothes and soft furniture and leaving or remediating the home (usually one’s immune system is so reactive to this particular mold that they can never reenter the old house).   Again, if 30% of homes in the United States have some amount of toxic mold -- and clothes and possesions cannot be salvaged -- then most people cannot afford to get well.  MS, Parkinson’s  and many neurologic diseases are often caused by molds and their toxins.  At least people suffering from the conditions should be allowed to test and try detoxification if they want to.  Neurologists scoff at the possibility that molds are etiologic agents.  Mold toxicologists know better.  In fact , the Salem witch trials were about women who made rye bread and got Ergot( from mold) poisoning from Rye that they grew in their field.  Those growing wheat got no illness.    They were treated about the same way as CS patients are now!  In hind site we can see how the society had no tools to discover the reason for their hallucinations. In addition, mycotoxicosis is a  well known killer of horses (from wet, moldy hay). Two centuries ago in Russia, when the hay was left in the field over the winter to mold over 100,000 people got Alimentary Toxic Aleukia which killed them all.  Even the Bible talks of destroying a house from which mold cannot be eradicated (and I am not a bible reader)!  Mold plates may be sent to P & K labs (the best in the country for testing I hear) -- 866 871-1984.   ‘Acceptable’ levels of Mycotoxins are regulated by the government in grains, dog food, breakfast cereal, peanuts and babyfoods!  Don’t eat peanut butter every day for example (high levels of aflotoxin).

www.foustco.com has Denny foil (to line a room with),or when building for walls, roof, insulation, and has AFM (non toxic) paint products etc. Computors with shielding around the transformer and without flame retardants are 599 (for a 17 inch) from The Safe       Computing Co. 800 222 3003, his article on EMF is available for free at safelevel.com.   LessEmf.com has cords for the phone and various devices to help with electrical Sensitivity.  They carry many books and great EMF ‘blockers’ that really work well for those affected.  One booklet is by Lucinda Grant.  Read The Body Electric by Becker an orthopedist who is brilliant and discusses the affect of electrical current on limb regeneration beginning with frogs etc.                                        

You may E-mail me with brief questions.  I am learning, I am not an expert.  Just an ER Doc who got very sick very slowly (beginning in childhood) and at the end got hit with a large toxic mold exposure. Molds can make you appear psychologically ill as can any toxic exposure.  My husband, dog, and I all got adrenal failure among other more life threatening conditions.  This exposure to chemicals may be a leading source of the pervasive Adrenal Fatigue plaguing the country!  The Adrenal copes with stress – and without one of its three hormone classes –Cortisol you are dead in  48 hours.   In fact they have studied aggressive boys with ADD and have found their cortisol levels to be in fact low as I expected.   My symptoms of ADD (and muscle weakness) vanished (immediately) once placed on cortisol!  The whole story isn’t cortisol though.  It has 200 functions and fixes many metabolic and immunologic abnormalities in the ailing body to help us get thru our toxic, hectic and stressful life.  But because it makes bad symptoms go away it does not mean that it’s depletion is the root cause of the problem.  It can help to keep you stay afloat while you figure out what is wrong and afford you time to fix it – if you have the will.  I encourage you to try.  Salivary testing is a bargain and accurate because you get your first morning one from bed at home.  Alternatively, or in addition you may drive to the doctor and have an ACTH stimulation test which is so stressful in itself you may artificially elevate your cortisol just getting there one to two hours after arising!   It costs 106.00 (includes shipping) for 4 salivary cortisols and a dhea. Done at 8 AM ,12, 4 & 12 AM.  The kit is ordered buy your doctor and sent by you to Great Smokies Diagnostic lab – 800 522 4762.   Normal cortisol starts off high in the early morning (6:30 am) and declines in its production throughout the day.  It reaches almost zilch by midnight.  Before they burn out completely due to overstimulation for years with low levels -- the adrenals may indicate they are over stressed by showing high levels  during the day or night leading to that Cushingoid bulge around the midline.  This expanding belly is also associated with Insulin Resistance a related phenomenon, that causes Adult Onset Diabetes.                                                                                  Metametrix has an expensive ($800.00) Cardio‘Ion’ Panel which tells you about your urine and serum organic acids, amino acids, antioxidants, and markers for dysbiosis.  Doctors Data does great hair heavy metal analysis for only $50.00 ( 800 323 2784)! 

From my experience I would say that men tend to deny this condition is real – and especially mold exposure. They often leave their wives over this!   Remember if you are sick from your home then so are the others in the home which may make them unable to cognitively grasp what is wrong with either of you!  Good luck!  And remember not to blame your doctor for not having a clue about this.  Just move on and let them catch up in time.  They may deny that this is not ‘evidence based medicine’  but then they aren’t reading the existing evidence and they think they are too healthy to need to learn about it.  The field began in the 50’s with Theron Randolf, the ball being subsequently picked up Rea.  When a doctor gets the condition they are uniformly amazed at the enormity of the conceptual paradigm shift. We all want to practice in this new field because it is so obvious to us now why many diseases come about – autoimmune, psychiatric, cardiac, arthritic, dermatologic, pulmonary, cancers and obviously allergic conditions.  We all know about individual discoveries and believe them like Lead paint and neurologic damage, Deet and seizures in children, Asbestos and mesothelioma, or Saccharin and bladder Cancer or Cigarettes and lung CA, Mercury neurotoxicity and Tuna.  We all just feel overwhelmed that nothing can be done with our society and we cross our fingers nothing will happen to us.  But if you haven’t been there, it is tuff to understand.  But, understand it we must for that is the first essential step towards dealing with the sick, and coping with  the toxic situation we have now   got  on our hands.   And unless it is taught in Medical School most doctors won’t allow themselves to grasp it.  It goes against our regimented grain.  Change has long been scoffed at in Medicine. Physicians can be very cruel and unimaginative.  Even the physician who, suggested we wash ours bare hands between autopsies and infant deliveries was also thrown out on his ear by his  peers – even though his infection rate and mortality was comparatively miniscule compared to his inane colleagues!                                                                                                   Addison, who discovered the enormity of adrenal function, was outcast and committed suicide, a pauper, in the 1800’s.   In the 50’s Tintera published that the sense of smell in Addison’s patients (with little cortisol – like JFK) was increased 100,000 times! Well I can attest to that.   Among many other observations, Tintera saw a connection between alcoholics and schizophrenics and the cortisol  response.  Then Jefferies published the well read Safe Use of Hydrocortisone where he discusses hundreds of patients put on 25 mg or less of hydrocortisone per day and how it cures their problems from infertility, allergy, complete mental and physical exhaustion to anxiety. He knows not a lot of the field of Environmental medicine.  Maybe he was treating toxic patients without knowing it!   We spoke at length from his nursing home and he was still playing golf in his nineties on cortisol!  He told me that ‘you will know how much you need to take – your body will tell you when it is under stress, such as travel or illness’. In fact the increased sense of smell is the reason I found out the adrenals had failed (along with hyperpigmentation, and hypotension).  Thank god for google! 

A brief diversion on oral galvanism.  Apparently different metals touching  in the mouth can create a battery effect and ‘short circuits’ the brain and autonomic nervous system.  This leads to dysautonomia and somehow triggers the immune and nervous system to become chemically sensitive – I hypothesize. I had the currents and voltages checked by my holistic dentist and found that all the teeth had a reading of 1 microampere and one crown had a reading of 11!  I had it removed and I forgot that it may be beneficial to my condition. Amazingly I was 90% better!  I no longer have any of the symptoms that I had around electrical appliances (phone and computer) , nor chemicals that I had when I originally wrote this ‘Summary.  .  No charcoal mask .  My dysautonomia almost gone. This is too bizarre to believe  but I called many others who suffered from the effects of oral galvanism and improved with removal of amalgams covered by crowns which produce this phenomena.  In the end we will determine that much of this field will be related to electricity and the autonomic nervous system.  God this is entirely too wacky to be taken seriously – unless you are sick!


I hope I wet your whistle.  The Vineyard Haven Library has  articles and publications that you can read or copy).              Thank you for reading this long winded ‘summary’ but it is for your benefit, show it to someone you think has it and help them out.         

Treatment Summary:   Identification and avoidance of main offending substance which started the process and then  (of chemicals in air,water,food, thru skin),

 Home Oasis

Antigens (or allergy shots)

Diet (Rotary every 4 days may have the same foods again –  gives    immune system a break)

Immune modulation (ALF, Colostrum, Immune 26, EPD?)

Supplements and Vitamins  C, Glutathione, NAC, Co Q 10, B

Sauna (detoxification thru heat depuration -‘hot sweating’ is best)

Oxygen therapy if venous O2 is elevated


Lisa Nagy M.D.,      Lisa @Nagy1.com

                                    Trained undergrad at University of Pennsylvania (Bio Basis of Behavior), Cornell Medical, Internship in General Surgery, Residency in Emergency Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital Center. Now studying Environmental Medicine thru the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

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