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Hormone List that many patients need

Lisa Nagy
Dec 01, 2007

 Hormone Panel  - essential in all patients after age 35 to 40 as a baseline.


TSH, Total T3, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, Anti TPO antibodies, Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies.

Follow Free T3 and keep in upper third of normal range. If treat with Armour  twice a day could  test at  3 to 6 hours after last dose (3 is a peak) - always test the same time from dose to be useful. go by symptoms more than the numbers. TSH may go towards zero - that is OK. Never give thyroid unless adrenal function is tested and good. Like running the car without oil in the engine.


Testosterone total and free    

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 


IGF-1     (indirect measurment of growth hormone)       

Dihydro Testosterone   (DHT)   (causes hair loss)

Estradiol Ultrasensitive

Progesterone  day 21 of cycle ideally (first to go down in perimenapause)


 8 /9 am Cortisol total, Free Cortisol (expensive), Cortisol Binding Globulin (must be relaxed and not rush to lab for cortisol because it is the stress hormone).

This is why salivary cortisol testing is really the best choice.

Cortisol is low in allergic, arthritic type people who are often thin, anxious, and cannot tolerate stress or wake up in the morning easily.

The CDC just studiied CFS patients using salivary cortisols - so now it should be 'accepted'.


Aldosterone (stand for 15 minutes before and while drawing) - a must if you are dizzy on standing up.

ACTH - the hormone that tells the adrenlas to release cortisol

DHEA – Sulfate balances cortisol and builds tissue (anabolic) while cortisol breaks it down.

Pregnenolone - highest in the brain over the counter and important to replace.

Insulin fasting am up in insulin resistance, treat with excercise and testosterone.


If on hormone replacement make sure you get exact instructions as to how many hours after each hormone you take you should draw you bood. 6 hours is often used. You may need to alter when you take your hormones for three days before.

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