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Diagnostechs Salivary Cortisol Testing instructions

Lisa Nagy
Dec 01, 2007

Instructions for doing Salivary Adrenal (Cortisol) testing with Diagnostechs.

  1. Open box and place the morning tube at bedside table.
  2. On awakening and before brushing teeth or eating (you may get up etc and urinate) either spit into tube and almost fill it  2/3 of the way  or if you have a dry mouth then put the gauze in the mouth and let it get soaked.
  3.  After doing each test tightly screw on cap (leaking is common) and put in fridge.
  4. eat and have as little coffee or tea as possible (or none).  These raise cortisol and is one reason they help us get through the day.
  5. the next test is at noon, then 4 pm and midnight. Be sure to take the tubes with you in your purse if you go out. They can stay in your purse after being filled without fridging until you come home.
  6. Important:
  7. At 11:00 or 1 hour before the noon test (may be an hour later if necessary. Eat the equivalent in sugar of 1 glass of orange juice and two pieces of toast or bread.)
  8. try not to eat for the 30 minutes before any test so food will not be in the saliva.
  9. Try not to get too stressed by arguing, excercising a lot or  the cortisol will also try to go up.
  10. spit at 4 pm
  11. spit near midnight or between 11:00 and 1 am.
  12. Take all the tubes and tighten them, place in little bag with orange pad in case of a leak.  Then put form in box and 1.00  (more than 85 cents) in postage and drop in regular mailbox as soon as possible.
  13. results return in 7 days or so to my fax and I will call and send them to you to take to the doctor’s next appointment.
  14. As yet traditional doctors are not making use of these tests but they are very accurate, measure free cortisol only and are highly reproducible from one day to the next.
  15. There are hundreds of articles in the literature verifying how much better this test is than a single blood test. Patients are tested in the relaxed state instead of the artificial stressful state when they get up and drive to the lab, fighting traffic and getting a needle placed in them.  In that case the cortisol may try to rise because of the stress of getting to the lab.
    1. We are interested in the first morning result the most because it should be nice and high to aid the body in dealing with getting up with is the largest stress of the day.  If it is low than the adrenal glands are likely burned out and exhausted An ACTH stimulation test would be nice to do to confirm just how sick the adrenals are but not essential to proceeding with treatment with the medication hydrocortisone.
    2. Testing for the other hormones is also advisable.  The other adrenal hormones to test are DHEA- Sulfate and aldosterone (controlling the level male hormones like testosterone and ones blood pressure by affecting salt and water retention respectively. I would suggesting taking my list of hormones to your doctor and doing most of them at least once as a baseline.

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