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Making the diagnoses

Dec 01, 2007

Making the Diagnosis of Environmental Illness:

This is really a diagnosis which is made while taking the history and confirmed by a few physical findings that support the level of severity of the symptoms as well as some lab tests and test of the autonomic nervous system as well as others.

There is no one easy test that confirm or refutes the existence of EI at this point.

Contrary to popular belief no one in their right mind would fake symptoms of this condition or know how to do so unless they really have it – so I believe this should not be the first thought when a physician hears from their patient that they have this condition.

A helpful test is the Venous Oxygen test to look at the level of tissue ischemia and shunting due to damage to the capillaries by high levels of some chemicals in the blood.

Read Venous Oxygen testing read more on Oxygen.

Provocation and Neutralization allergy testing is very useful in confirming the true existence of sensitivities to foods, pollens, chemicals and molds.  These results cannot be faked because they depend on a skin reaction as well as clinical symptoms when testing is taking place.

A full 20 page history form can be purchased for a dollar at aaemonline.org or by calling 316  684 5500.

You can shorten it for your practice if you are a doctor or complete it for your own benefit if you are a patient.

See Taking an Environmental History - I page flyer that 'says it all'.

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