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Lisa Nagy M. D.

Lisa Nagy is a physician who became sick without having any idea that she was ill nor what it was do to. With the traditional medicine view that she had she thought she must be depressed because of her inability to get out of bed or care about her life.

It turns out that she had severe Mitochondrial damage which is the part of the cell that makes energy which is necessary to live.  She was slowly dying and new no better than to drive to the psychiatrist complaining of exhaustion and lack of zest for life.


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    Lisa Nagy was recently interviewed for Nightline because her story is quite incredible, horrific and has a happy ending.   

    She and her husband Wes lived in a home in California which caused she, the dog and Wes to become adrenally insufficient among many other problems that they developed.  It was a toxic exposure that led to this, thyroid insufficiency in all of them (both dogs) and muscle weakness in Lisa and the dogs. One dog developed Myasthenia Gravis and Wes developed Pemphigus Foliaceus – both autoimmune diseases possibly induced by this exposure. 

    It is from this personal experience that Lisa, who was trained in Emergency Medicine, has learned about Chemical Sensitivity and Environmental Medicine and hopes to educate the country about the condition that almost killed her and plagues, to some degree, at least 40% of the population.

    Read the press release for the Chronic Fatigue meeting in January of 2007 for a brief description of her story.

    Lisa’s story has also been written up in many medical and dental newsletters as seen as Doctor of the Month at ICIM the InternationalCollege of Integrative Medicine.



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