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The Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance hopes to be a collection of groups and individuals with an interest in advancing the clinical message that is it necessary to take current knowledge about the causes of disease and bring it to the populace now. Whether the disease be Cancer, Chemical Sensitvity, Autism or Chronic Fatigue.

There is a delay of around 20 years between the discovery of new scientific information and the delivery of this information to the bedside of sick patients. In addition, because there is a strong tendency for medical practitioners to remain routed in its previous beliefs another decade or two can be inserted between knowledge and delivery of care. What happens is that when doctors get sick and search for existing but not well known knowledge for themselves - they often discover amazing things that are already known about human health. The problem is that no one listens to us when we return from the brink of death to tell of our journey and new knowledge.

In 1865 Simmelweiss was ostracized for suggesting the cleansing of hands with chlorine between autopsies and deliveries so as to prevent post partum sepsis and death - which was rampant at his hospital. Similarly, the physicians who treat the environmentally ill, the autistic, and those with unresponsive cancers are ostracized and called crazy. For many doctors to understand these concepts about what causes chronic disease, as well as Chemical Sensitivity they have to first become sick with a severe condition themselves.

This is a ridiculous way to educate the country's doctors - to wait until each one becomes ill. We must educate medical students and practicing physicians about the easy questions they can ask to find out who may need referral for a detailed environmental history, physical and work up. Likewise we must have a visible presence on capital hill to influence congressman to hear us when we speak. We cannot sit back and hope for insurance coverage for effective though 'non-traditional' treatments. We must make them traditional!

We cannot sit back and just practice medicine and think that that is enough. It is not fair for the tens of millions of people who could get 'well' if only they had the knowledge we do about causes and treatments of disease. We have to unite disparite groups under one umbrella organization and come together even if we don't agree with or understand all facets of all the other groups. Even if we just meet every once and a while with congressional subcommittee and present our views - that is much more powerful than doing nothing.

I hope you can see your way to join us in the fight for acknowledgement of environmental, genetic, hormonal, and nutritional causes of physiologic and psychological conditions.

We have to be creative and cannot afford to be stagnant. Please ask colleages and patients alike to join, contribute a small amount to become a member, communicate on the chat room and correct these problems today. You can pay for me and others to try and fix these problems if you cannot take action yourself.

Funds will initially go towards: the website, cost of home printing of cards and flyers for meetings, flights to medical meetings or to Washington for the National Academy of Sciences, NIH, CDC, and NIEHS meetings, and for grand rounds presentations around the country. Also for the televised Katrina Summit presentation in March ( 5,000 donation desired to sponser it), and for time spent cultivating contacts, celebrities, and researchers in order to raise funds for a potential media campaign. A little money will be spent on marketing as well secretarial assistance when necessary, depending on the amount of telephone calls and media attention. We shall hopefuy see a surge after the Nightline program on Bill Rea and Lisa Nagy in the middle of January 2008 to kick things off - will have the webcast.

Media attention and getting the interest of powerful and sensitive women (and men ) who command media attention will be a primary focus. This is the most efficacious and financially sound approach to take at this early stage. Think big and spend very little money!

Please contribute a one time fee of 40.00 and complete the questionnaire when it has been posted. Your encouragement of my efforts is greatly appreciated. Larger donations of course will also be accepted.

I have applied for tax free staus of the type 501 c3 for later this year. Donations should later be deductible.

Thank you very much for your time and help.

Members of the board to be posted by February.

Sincerely, Lisa Nagy M. D.

Lisa Nagy M. D.

Medical Director


 Vineyard Personalized Medicine

and President of

 The Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance Inc, 501 c3

Tel: 508 693 1300 Fax 508 693 1305

Chronic mental and physical problems addressed scientifically and logically - trying to use less medication. Focusing on  the interplay between hormones, nutrition, allergy and environmental exposure

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