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View Lisa Nagy's lecture on Environmental Medicine

Watch Dr. Lisa Lavine Nagy at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School lecture on Environmental Medicine and why it must be incorporated into traditional medical school education - groundbreaking and informative for lay people and doctors alike! by Dr. Nagy which gives an overview of approaching the causes of diseases and how to treat them using environmental and integrative medicine practices. 

Where Are You on the Continuum of Environmental Health:

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We are all somewhere on this continuum

No one is a zero!

Anyone exposed to a large amount chemicals or mold toxins,  may become intolerant of other chemicals or scents. This is the phenomenon of Chemical Sensitivity also referred to as Chemical Intolerance, Environmental Intolerance, Environmental Sensitivity,  Environmental Illness, MCS , TILT or Toxic Induced Loss of Tolerance.

  • 3 to 5% of the population is disabled by Chemical Sensitivity in studies conducted by governments across the globe.
  • 15% of the population is Chemically Sensitive according to national department of health polls
  • 30% of the elderly are Sensitive to Chemicals.
  • 40% of the general population may be affected, although they do not realize that their symptoms are related to "toxic" exposures in the home, school or work environments. After a long period of exposure to these toxins, individuals become much less tolerant to environmental exposures.
  • 60% of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients, Fibromyalgia patients and Gulf War Syndrome patients are Chemically Sensitive.

Although this is a common condition, most people do not recognize the symptoms of Chemical Sensitivity as the beginning of a syndrome that can progress to neurological disease, autoimmunity and many other health problems?  If you want to protect your health and well being, ask yourself a few simple questions:

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of

Chemical Sensitivity?

  • Are you intolerant of perfume, diesel exhaust, or the detergent isle of the grocery store?  Do you get headaches after having a glass of wine, reading the newspaper or smelling cigarette smoke? Do you smell overwhelming odor of rubber and chemicals when you walk into a tire store. Does shopping at the mall make you exhausted?
  • Are you fatigued, have ADD or anxiety. Are you waking up with a sore throat? Do the clothing tags drive you crazy on the back of your neck?
  • Is your memory suffering or are you having difficulty reading books, retaining information or remembering names?
  • Men -- Is your face bright red, but you do not drink alcohol?  Are you becoming belligerent?  You may have a musty basement leading to these problems from mold and mycotoxin exposure? 
  • Women -- Are you too exhausted to have sex? Are your arms tired when washing your hair?  Are you requiring psychiatric medication for functional demise of your mind?  Does your husband call you wacky? Does eating peanuts, the smell antique wood, down pillows, fresh paint or cat dander result in a headache?
  • Children -- Do your kids have food allergies or behavioral problems triggered by foods and additives?  Is the exposure to new carpeting in the library or mold in your children's classroom causing your child problems?  Are your children massively depressed or have morning headaches, which are common symptoms of toxic mold exposure in the home. 
  • Do you have trouble standing up for long periods of time, which then may lead to a panic attack. This is a condition known as dysautonomia and arises in individuals who are experiencing 'toxic overload'.  Do you have to "pretzel" your legs when sitting to maintain blood pressure.  When you are driving at night, do you see stars and halos? Are you exhausted after eating meals and want to lie down?  Are you using caffeine and chocolate (or worse cigarettes and cocaine) to counter act these symptoms and get through the day?
  • Does your cell phone heat up in your hand or do florescent lights bother you? This is Electrical Sensitivity and occurs commonly in those affected by mold and occurs in 30% of the Chemically Sensitive.
  • Are you affected by allergens such as pollens, molds, danders and dust?

Allow me to explain why I became interested in

this field of medicine...

  • In 2000, I became deathly ill over a period of time (see Lisa's Story) and thought I was "just depressed".  I didn't recognize the symptoms of Chemical Sensitivity due to the fact I wore so much perfume, used scented detergents and fabric softeners. Once I was treated in an Environmental Clinic (www.ehcd.com), I became educated and stopped using chemical and scented  products. At this point, I was able to notice my intolerance to a variety of chemical exposures in my home, on the street, at the grocery store and in restaurant bathrooms.
  • I did not recognize the symptoms, because I had not been educated on Chemical Sensitivity in Medical School or though out my career in medicine, most doctors are not aware that it even exists!
  • After surviving this Chemical Exposure, It has become my passion to educate both the lay public and medical practitioners regarding the ubiquity of the range of conditions referred to as "environmental illnesses". My story has been on Nightline, in dozens of publications and I have earned positions on government committees at the CDC and NIH.
  • Severely chemically sensitive individuals such as myself may be rated a "ten" on the scale above, but many of us are also affected to some extent by environmental exposures including foods allergies.
  • The field of Environmental Medicine is really a misnomer, it deals not only with toxins in the environment (mold, pesticides, formaldehyde) but also with our nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters, and genetics. These factors lead to immune and neurological, as well as psychiatric manifestations of these conditions.
  • In fact, once you educate yourself in the field of Environmental Illness, you will realize that many conditions such as autism, diabetes, hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease, and rosacea are the body's response to these influences. Exposure to these toxins can be lessened in conjunction with treatments, in order to better the patients health, without the permanent use of medications.
  • The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has trained hundreds of doctors in this field over the last 30 years. These professionals treat the unfortunate patients who have been left behind by our traditional medical system. Chemical Sensitivity is acknowledged by (HSS) Social Security as potentially disabling, but today the AMA does not acknowledge or validate these conditions. We must express to the AMA the need for a change. There are millions of people who need to research the environmental causes of their disease, in order to educate themselves and find treatment easily and economically.
Preventive Medicine of the future would incorporate Environmental Medicine techniques and save billions in health care dollars by preventing disability and the progression of diseases that are amenable for treatment early on. 

These include:

Chemical Sensitivity  |  Chronic Lyme  |  Sinusitis 

Psoriasis  |  Panic  |  Autism 

Chronic Fatigue  |  Parkinson’s  |  Atrial

Fibrillation  |  Fibromyalgia  |  DVT  |  Diabetes

Multiple Sclerosis  |  Lou Gehrig's

Asthma  |  Dysautonomia

We all deserve to know what is making us ill, where to go for care and what we can do ourselves to cure our health problems.

Please do what you can to help us educate others, the country and your colleagues about this field of medicine.  My firm belief is that the field never took off because some of the sickest patients appear to be odd and "crazy".  We must acknowledge that some environmental exposures can lead to mental ill health and physical ill health at the same time. One does not preclude the other. This division between psychiatry and medicine must end and biologic psychiatry will replace it.

When fully treated, the bipolar or anxious behavior totally improves and they become healthy functional individuals  again. We cannot withhold treatment of the environmentally ill simply because most doctors refuse to educate themselves regarding the information I have discussed... it is unethical and closed minded. 

The field of Environmental Medicine has been around for 60 years or more and needs to expanded upon, researched and incorporated into traditional medicine immediately. The public is demanding it and your help in doing so would be appreciated.

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